Cute Stencils

Trisha's Floral Wall Stencil

TRISHA'S FLORAL WALL STENCIL DESIGNStencil design is: 14" x 22.5"This design comes with a separate individual stencil to make it easier to fill in the gaps that are close to the ceiling or tighter places like around moldings, light switches, or corners.Registration is built into each of our repeating pattern stencils for easy alignment.Detailed stenciling instructions are included with every order.Our stencils are made out of a durable 10 mil Mylar stencil material. This material is reusable and easy to clean.You can stencil walls, floors, & fabrics with our stencils. You can use acrylic or latex paint, fabric paint or stencil creams for your project. For best results we recommend using a dense foam roller or stencil brush.Our stencils are proudly made in the USA!Copyright © 2012-14 by Cute Stencils, All rights reserved.