Custom Portrait Paintings

Oil Painting Pet Portrait Custom from Photos by Robin Zebley

Portrait of your pet painted by me from your photos in professional quality oil paints on canvas. I've been painting pets for 17 years and every dog I paint feels like a new friend! I like to know all about their personality, I feel that I get a better portrait when I know more about them! It's a magical moment when I paint their eyes and they start looking back at me, it feels like they are really there with me in the studio! This fellow was a gift, as are lots of my portraits. I can't tell you how many times I hear "he cried" when a loved one opened his portrait of his best friend! This particular listing is for the 8" x 10" size. I price by size, starting at a 5" x 7" painting to a 24" x 30" as standard sizes. Want to go larger or have me paint another kind of project you have in mind? Your vacation spot, honeymoon spot, etc.? Just contact me for a no-obligation consultation and we'll discuss. To order your portrait, please just attach your photos to an Amazon email to me. We'll discuss and when you purchase, you will automatically be next in line in my waiting list. Turn around time is guaranteed to be 30 days, it's often closer to 3 weeks. If you need it quick, just let me know and I usually can work overtime to get it done! Questions, please just ask! Robin