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Culina Grill Basting Brush CUL Distributors

Raise your hand if you think the only downside to barbecuing is having to scrape your grill? Are you looking for a reliable tool to get all that gunk off? Culina barbecue cleaning brush is the solution to end all grill cleaning hang ups! The heavy-duty wire bristles are engineered to get the job done with no little to no effort on your end. Clean, scrape and thoroughly scrub the grills fast and efficiently, Culina BBQ cleaning wire brush will sway its way over, under and in-between the crates to tackle tough grease or charcoal stains. The high performance tool is effective on steel, cast iron or any metal grill rack to efficiently obliterate any residue. Best results when cleaning the BBQ grill as it cools off and the food particles are still soft. Get the grill all nice, clean and ready for your next BBQ, get Culina! The brush features twisted metal wire bristles for heavy-duty scrubbing, no shedding, no flaking off, no bending no letting you down easily, just a fast, efficient, utilitarian service. The long handle leaves a space between the bottom grip and the wire bristles for easy reach between the grill racks. It is outfitted with a black PP non-slip material to give you a comfortable grip and full maneuvering control. CUL Distributors