Cricket Forge

Koi Bench

This magnificent Cricket Forge Koi Bench is the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Combining beauty with functionality, this sturdy 1/4" steel koi bench is coated with a weatherproof epoxy so that it will last for years to come no matter the weather. This bench design integrates the curves and movement of the beautiful fish with the tranquility we experience from rippling waters. Hand painted in rich cerulean blue and gold. Cricket Forge benches, tables, chairs and metal art pieces are designed and produced in North Carolina, USA. Bring quality craftsmanship and an expressive symbol of nature's beauty to your outdoor space. All Cricket Forge Furniture is handcrafted in 1/4 inch steel and finished with a special weatherproof technique to produce an attractive coating that resists oxidation. Since 1981 the principals of Cricket Forge have been enjoying their passion for making art with iron. In 1987 the company was founded, producing not only exceptional metalworking, but also thousand of site specific architectural metalwork. Look them up in "The Contemporary Blacksmith" by Dona Meilach and discover why Cricket Forge products are considered the best in the business