Creative Home

Creative Home Pine Wood with Slate Insert 14.4" x 6.5" Paddle Cheese Board, Natural Finish

From sprawling cocktail parties to cozy book club debates to the most artsy and exclusive poetry readings, most guests would agree that the most memorable events on their social calendars start with tempting, tasteful snacks. Give your own guests a chance to rave about your enter-tainments by laying out your Brie and crackers, artisanal cheddars, or store-bought cheese sampler out on this slate and pine cheese paddle. Good for fruits, cheeses, and other all-natural snacks, the slate underneath your spread of deli-cacies provides you with a built-in backdrop that blends with all sorts of party themes, special occasions, and home décor. Beautiful Hand-cut natural stone with pine wood base Perfect for party or house warming gift Great centerpiece for your kitchen Wipe clean with wet cloth