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Creative Home Natural Champagne Marble Oval Board, Cheese Board, 20" x 8", Beige Color

Now your cheese is ready, make it more enticing and appetizing by serving it with our unique Oval Champagne Marble Cheese Board. Made from best quality 100% natural marble, our marble cheese board is very strong, sturdy, and durable to be your companion for a very long time. It features a rubber feet under it which makes it easy to carry and prevent scratches on the surface of your dining and kitchen tables, as well as an elegant oval design and classic beige color to match your modern home décor. Richly polished non-porous, it never absorbs moisture or fat, and with a dimension of 20” X 8”, it offers you an excellent surface for serving your cheese delicacy or for use as a cutting board. Our special marble cheese board is easy to clean and maintain, and it is advisable that you wash with hand only. This tray will add beauty to your kitchen and perfect for serving your favorite cheese!!! Features Genuine Natural Marble: This marble cheese board is made of genuine natural marble and is richly polished to give it extra attractive shine. Elegant Design: It features an elegant oval design with varying pattern and color, giving it a beautiful organic style and a feel that appeals to taste Non-Porous: Our champagne marble tray is non-porous with a wide surface of 20” x 8" to contain all your cheese servings at a go. It’s lightweight and convenient to carry Rubber Foot: It has rubber fixed at the base to ensure that there is no contact between the marble and your table. This will keep your table free of defacing scratches Easy to Maintain: Maintenance of our marble board is a breeze. It is easy to wipe clean and should only be washed with hands and mild soap, and then allowed to air dry.