Creative Bath

Dragonfly 3-Piece Bath Accessory Set

Upgrade your current bathroom decor and start using the Creative Bath Products Bath Accessory Set. You can use this product in order to create a spa-like atmosphere right in your own home. This 3-piece bath accessory set features an understated white design with brown wood trim. The soft colors are soothing for a master bath or guest bathroom and add an elegant, sophisticated touch to a space. Included in this ceramic bath accessory set is a toothbrush holder, a soap holder and a lotion holder. Bring the beauty of the outdoors to your bathroom with the design and materials used. The set also adds a functional touch to the room. You can enjoy bath time even more with the added convenience of having your supplies on hand, stored in this lovely set. Now you will not have to have your supplies laid out all over the place, waiting for you to use them. This will help you make your bathroom stay neat and organized. Each one of the items will be able to withstand constant daily use in the conditions of your bathroom. Use the Creative Bath Products Bath Accessory Set to provide the style and character that your bathroom area is lacking.Dragonfly 3-Piece Ceramic Bath Accessory Set: