Creative Bath

Creative Bath White Seaside Bath Accessories 6-Piece Set

Creative Bath Seaside Bath Accessories 6-Piece Set. Create a seaside-inspired appeal your master or guest bathroom with these beachy bath accessories! Take your favorite space to new heights with this must-have collection. Tumbler: 5-in. x 5-in. x 5-in. Wastebasket: 9.75-in. x 9.75-in. x 12.25-in. Soap Dish: 6-in. x 3.5-in. x 7.8-in. Tissue Box: 8.25-in. x 8.25-in. x 8.25-in. Lotion Pump: 5.8-in. x 4.75-in. x 8.25-in. Toothbrush Holder: 6.75-in. x 4.3-in. x 6.3-in.