Hockey Player, Metal Bolt Figurine, Athlete, Upcycled Art

Since hockey has been around for such a long time, I decided to create this Hockey Player to honor hockey players and their hockey fans. This figurine is skating quickly towards the goal while trying to maneuver the puck to score that winning point. This hockey player is handcrafted using recycled metal bolts, nuts, bearings, nails, and other scrap metal. This Hockey Player figurine would look great displayed on a tabletop, a bookshelf, on a desk, in a window, in a trophy display case, on your coach's desk, or use it as a paperweight, etc.. Buy several to give as gifts, and make sure to keep one for yourself. All items are handcrafted using recycled materials so each item has its own unique characteristics. SIZE: 3"height x 3"length x 3"width Dimensions are approximate and may differ slightly. EACH AND EVERY HAND-CRAFTED CREATION IS CUSTOM AND UNIQUE. HANDMADE IN THE USA When looking at the prices of these items please take into consideration that they include the cost of materials, time and labor, as well as the process of designing the items, and the tender loving care it took to create them...just for you! :-)