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Tree attunements Ramon Martinez Lopez Author

Trees represent our ancestral union of 3500 million years ago with planet earth. Meanwhile, through water our relationship with plants and our cells is manifested in the memory of the life we share together. The present book shows off a work developed with different trees in Costa Rica, Cuba and other countries is described as a form of vibrational therapy containing the corresponding mandalas. For me it is the first work developed with the living forces of nature that are manifested in trees and that indicate the interrelation with everything created as a living organism and as human beings we are not strangers to it. This implies that quantum physics and biology plus Eastern philosophical conceptions are described in this book as the evidence of the work done with trees. Even more, there are mentioned myths and archetypes of different cultures that had as the center of their magical world the tree as a sacred being.Finally, you can create your own ritual to connect with the healing energies of different trees. A sacred ritual to get in touch with the magic of the trees.