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Cabbage Recipes for a Healthy Cabbage Diet: Red, Green, White, the Richness and Benefits of Cabbage Martha Stone Author

Cabbage is a vegetable with many nutritional and medicinal qualities. Yet it does not make much of our diet because of its cooking odor or its difficult digestion but what people don't realize is that it has numerous benefits and virtues for health. The ancestor of the many varieties that we know today was wild like many other vegetables that we know today and it appeared several thousand years ago, before being domesticated about 2000 years ago. The wild variety is still found on the rocky coasts of the Mediterranean, in northern Spain and south western France. All cabbages of our daily consumption, green, white, red, etc. are cruciferous plants, that is to say, presenting a flower with four petals, having the shape of a cross. They have a thick stem and green and gray leaves. There are so many varieties of cabbage available - chose according your taste. The cabbage is rich in vitamin C. It has invigorating virtues by covering 50% of our needs for vitamins B1 for the transmission of nerve impulses and vitamins A and E, which are antioxidants. It is also a source of minerals like potassium, which allows us to stay in shape all winter. Rich in fibers, it acts on difficult transits. In addition to being a healthy and balanced food, cabbage is an ally for shape and line. It has as well medicinal properties against gastric ulcers, gout, muscle pain or alcoholism and so on. It is not only healthy but can bring amazing taste to your table and amaze your family and friends if cooked property. Really, I could go on forever with all the good benefits that the cabbage has to offer, so get this cabbage cookbook and start having the richness and benefits that all this cabbage recipes offer you and start cooking.