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World's Easiest No-Knead Sandwich Bread using a Poor Man's Dutch Oven (Plus... Guide to Poor Man's Dutch Ovens) (B&W Version): From the kitchen of Artisan Bread with Steve

The reason I recommend this cookbook is... it's a new and innovative technique that gives you the ability to bake bread all summer long without using an oven (it can be baked in a toaster oven). This is the only cookbook of its kind. What makes this cookbook unique is… “Hands-free technique”: New and innovative technique that uses the handle end of a plastic spoon to manipulate the dough (like a dough hook) after which the dough goes straight from the mixing bowl to the baking vessel (bread pan, etc.) without dusting the work surface with flour or touching the dough with your hands. “Roll-to-coat”: Innovative technique that coats the dough ball with flour in the mixing bowl. No more sticky dough. When the dough comes out of the bowl it will be easy to handle if you wish to divide the dough into portion to make baguettes, rolls, etc. “Poor man’s Dutch oven”: New and innovative technique which combines the ease of baking in a bread pan with the principles of baking in a Dutch oven. Simply stated, a “poor man’s Dutch oven” is a bread pan covered by another bread pan. The purpose of the bottom bread pan is to shape the loaf into sandwich bread and the purpose of the cover (top bread pan) is to trap the moisture from the dough in a hot, enclosed environment. In other words… I have replaced the standard Dutch oven with two bread pan to get the desired shape… sandwich bread. Toaster oven: No oven… no problem… you can bake no-knead bread in a toaster oven. This technique is ideal for those with limited kitchens and those of you who don’t want to turn the oven on because it heats the house in the summer. Hi I’m Steve. My YouTube channel is “Artisan Bread with Steve” on which I have a series of educational videos demonstrating how to make a variety of no-knead breads and these cookbooks support the videos giving me the ability to go into greater detail regarding the dynamics of making no-knead bread (a level of detail I couldn’t fit in a video) while they give my readers and subscribers a convenient vehicle for reading and using recipes. Even if you aren’t thinking about making bread you will find this and interesting book to read… and you just might learn how easy it is to make no-knead bread using the “hands-free” method. Thanks – Steve read more