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The Rowley Cookbook: Depression Era Cooking

A collection of family recipes spanning 1917 through 1960. This cookbook is truly a labor of love. After scanning the pages of our family's tattered cookbook, handed down for three generations, I wanted to duplicate it for all of my cousins, relatives, and friends who had cherished memories of my grandmother's wonderful cooking. Publishing the recipes seemed like the perfect solution. One glance at the table of contents will tell you that my grandmother always had a house full of friends and neighbors who came over for a chat, a cup of coffee and something sweet to eat every night. There are many recipes for cakes, pies and cookies, and they all speak of the love and friendship shared. My grandmother and grandfather created the original cookbook out of a ledger book soon after their marriage. Together, they collected and entered recipes from throughout their lives. This is truly a celebration of delicious food and cherished familes.