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The Quinoa Solution: 30 Delicious Superfood Recipes and Cooking Tips for a Healthier You

Quinoa – the superfood you need to know about! The Quinoa Solution is your complete introduction to this miracle food. Inside the cover, you will learn all the practical knowledge, tips and tricks you need to start benefiting from quinoa and receiving all the incredible health benefits that have been making waves around the world. You will learn: - The history and science of Quinoa - Tips for cooking - Tips for buying and storing - 30 easy, delicious recipes with detailed nutritional information Quinoa is a nutritious, versatile grain, an amazing food supplement that has been proven to have positive effects on your health. These benefits include a boosted digestion, better nutrient absorption, a stronger immune system, improved brain function and more energy. These benefits and much more can be found between the pages of this book. Not only will you learn the history of quinoa and understand its important benefits, but most of all, you will learn how to use it in the kitchen to make creative, delicious dishes ranging from simple salads to soups, stews and even desserts. Moroccan quinoa salad? Quinoa plum muffins? Do you really need any more tempting? J Don’t wait any longer! The solution for better health is just one click away! No special skills are needed to cook the recipes found in this book, but they might just change your life. Scroll up and grab your copy now!