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The Bible of Eating Right

hank you for choosing this book. You picked up this ebook because good health, vitality and your weight are important to you. The problem however is it seems the so called experts always are changing their minds what is good for us and what is not good for us. It is almost as if the puzzle is constantly changing. In my opinion it has become more than difficult to rely on the experts, diet books, or food pyramids we all learned in school. I am not a doctor rather a physical trainer who appreciates good health. The goal of this book is to give you common sense logical approaches that you can apply to your daily life in order to have better health. When you eat real foods that are not processed or full of preservatives eating becomes less confusing & complicated. I will give you tenants or ideas in order to help you eat “Real food and in the right quantities”. The goal is to maximize our health and give you added vitality. Our bodies are such a magnificent machine. Let’s use our body to the maximum potential. We all have heard the phrase you are what you eat and I believe this is so true. However all too many do not appreciate their bodies and actually to their detriment eat and do the wrong things. There are those of us we want to “try” to do the right things and as I first started, it is all too complicated. Those that seek the proper knowledge hear words like antioxidants, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, and probiotics such to mention a few.