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Terrors Of The Jungle: Gwandanaland Comics #757 -- Great Jungle Action ! The Largest Collect of Terrors Of The Jungle in Print!

When it comes to jungle adventures, there are some critical elements: scantily clad jungle women, wild beasts, scantily clad jungle women, brave men, and scantily clad jungle women. TERRORS OF THE JUNGLE gave us all that and more – especially scantily-clad jungle women! TERRORS OF THE JUNGLE featured great stories and excellent art, and controversial subject matter --- all the things comic readers wanted in the 1950s! We've put together a great selection from this classic series, the largest collection in print, only from Gwandanaland Comics! GWANDANALAND COMICS: We specialize in character collections – many for the first time in print; we also publish individual issues from the past as well as complete comic title series'. We take your requests and create special collections never gathered together before! At Gwandanaland Comics we take the extra time to give you the best quality possible! NEW TITLES DAILY – WRITE FOR UPDATES SEARCHING ONLINE? INCLUDE THE WORD “GWANDANALAND” TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE MOST COMPLETE COLLECTION, THE HIGHEST QUALITY PAGES, AND THE BEST VALUE! WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE IN PRINT??