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So You Want To Eat At Our House: An American Cookbook

There is a connection with family and food. That's what our cookbook is about. A real family cooking real food. It ties the past generations of ethic foods like lasagna and pierogi with new creations like White Bolognese and the exclusive Eggplant Andreadis. Many of the recipes in SO YOU WANT TO EAT AT OUR HOUSE were garnered over our life journey, meeting people from all over the world, and trying new dishes that fit a growing family. We took the past creations, added recipes and suggestions from friends and created an environment where meals became the focal point of family. We started most recipes from scratch and early in my first pregnancy I learned to reduce salt and other artificial preservatives in what we cooked. That has never changed. We still use the freshest ingredients and we rarely use prepared foods. Our parents never made Quiche, Beef Stroganoff, Garlic Hummus, Tequila Citrus Cured Salmon, or Turtle Butt Bread but together with our children we have perfected these family recipes. I never cooked before I was married but our children had the ability to cook and experiment if they wanted to. All of our children, three sons and a daughter, can cook and bake. They all enjoy cooking and eating and our grandchildren like to be part of the meal process. Some of their recipes are included in the book. Meals from the recipes in SO YOU WANT TO EAT AT OUR HOUSE have been used for baby showers, birthday dinners, (Everyone had their choice of a meal for their birthday dinner.), a football dinner(linemen only), graduation parties(family legends), Holiday celebrations, casual dinners and most recently for a Wedding Rehearsal dinner. Everybody keeps asking for more-- invitations and food. You will use this cookbook. The recipes are real but open to your own enhancements and changes that fit your family. I hope you will begin cooking with family and friends and create your own family recipes and legends that will last a lifetime. It's not just about the food but also about the sharing, laughter and stories that come from preparing and eating a meal together. If you are fortunate to include other generations of family members at your meals, you are truly blessed. Listen to their stories and the fabric of your legends become even more colorful and rich. The best place to practice your family values is in the kitchen and at your table. read more