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Instant Pot Recipe Book: Quick and Easy Ways to Make Instant Pot Recipes

Instant Pot Recipe Book Quick and easy ways to make instant pot meals Instant pot recipes that will help you make quick and easy meals. What are you waiting for, start today! The benefits of Instant pot cooking: Saves Time and Energy Instant pot cooking can reduce the cooking time by up to 70% compared to other ways of cooking with less water and energy used. Preserves nutrients Cooking with instant pot does not require the use of a lot of water therefore minerals and vitamins are not dissolved away by water. Since food is steamed nutrients are not oxidized and food will retain it’s nutrients. What you can find in this book The Instant pot meal plan provides all the foods with “Smart Points”. The number of smart points a food has is dependent upon four major factors, namely: 1. The calorie content of the food 2. The sugar present in the food 3. The amount of saturated fat present in the food 4. The amount of protein present in the food Foods with high amounts of saturated fats and sugar cost higher Smart Points, while foods with high amounts of protein cost lower Smart Points. The system of Smart Points provides every individual with a select number of points based on their gender, age, activity level, weight loss goals, etc and these points can be utilized by consuming foods over a week. This book will provide you with a whole bunch of recipes to cook instant pot meals efficiently and effectively. You can change the recipes according to your preferences and taste. What you’ll learn in this book: Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes Instant Pot Soup and Stew Recipes Instant Pot Main Course Recipes Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes Instant Pot Dessert Recipes So what are you waiting for purchase this book and get now and start instant pot cooking.