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Instant Pot Cookbook For Vegetarians: Easy Meatless Recipes You Can Enjoy In An Instant

Amongst the various different sectors of technological innovation, its safe to say that as of recent years, the culinary department has seen an outburst of amazing cooking techs, starting from the ever so popular Air Fryer to more sophisticated Sous Vide technologies that have opened up a completely new paradigm of cooking for rising and experienced chefs. Where once it took many minutes to toast a slice of bread, we can now bring a toast to perfection within seconds using a toaster! Heating water using fire is a thing of the past now, as microwaves have started to dominate the households with their ease of use and versatility. Following a similar trail of evolutionary breadcrumbs, electric pressure cookers have come a long way since the beginning, and now at the pinnacle of their game are the Uber versatile “Instant Pots”! My aim with this book is to reach as wide range of an audience as possible! Even if you are an absolute amateur in the field of either using an Instant Pot, I want this book to be your one stop shop for a quick briefing. As such, this book has been divided into individual bite sized chapters that each focus on the fundamentals of Instant Pot, which is later on followed by the amazing assortment of recipes. Welcome, to the amazing world of Vegetarian Instant Pot Cooking!