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HCG Approved Dump Cakes: Recipes That Take Minimal Effort, Taste Fantastic, and Promote Weight Loss

Anybody Want Effortless, Mistake Proof HCG Approved Homemade Cakes? If you have never heard of a Dump Cake, you are in for a real treat.. Pun intended. If you’re like me, you are not one of those expert chefs you see on TV cooking shows. Most days, I prefer to only do the basics when it comes to cooking. So when someone told me about DUMP CAKES, I was all in. I mean, all I had to do was dump a few canned fruits, nuts and a cake mix along with a few other ingredients in layers in a cooking dish and it was good to go to the oven. Many of the recipes are gluten free and sugar free and I could even eat them on my HCG program. Inside you will find my all time Quick and Easy Dump Cake favorites ... ENJOY!!