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Adventure Foods: Nutrient Dense Recipes That Taste Great, Travel Well, and Go Deep to Fuel Your Adventures

The day is here! The backwoods and the waterways are screaming for you to get outside and explore new places. So, once again you grab the same old granola bars or maybe even, gasp, a candy bar, a bottle of water or even some strangely-colored energy drink that makes great promises for your athletic endeavors, and then head for the hills or the waterways. Yeah, "Grab and Go" foods from the store tend to taste the same, look the same, and not offer quite so much in the way of nutrition. Never fear, though, Adventure Foods is here to rescue your day or multi-day adventures from the mundane, tasteless, and even outright unhealthy foods you have been grabbing for all these years to fuel your recreational activities. Adventure Foods is filled with more than 60+ make and take awesomely-delicious and highly-nutritious recipes that taste great, travel well, and go deep to fuel your adventures. Explore more with homemade energy bars, gummies, veggie chips, fruit leathers, fat bombs, trail mixes, and so much more that keep your energy high and your cells happy (and won't be easily destroyed by your packs and bags). Whether you are an ultra trail runner looking to succeed in a 50K and beyond (without getting sidelined by too many sugary carbs), or a weekend adventure warrior, the recipes are here to take you further and stronger than ever before.