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A Cookbook For The Woman Who Hates Cooking

The Levinsky sisters grew up in a household filled with food influences ranging from a myriad of places around the world. Most of those cooking traditions fell short of having any effect on Sharon, while Ilana thrived on reproducing all the tastes and flavors of their past. Sharon’s inability to cook had become the joke of the family for years, until Ilana put her to the challenge and presented an opportunity to learn a few recipes that would guaranty to make life a little bit easier. The project became the genesis of this cookbook designed for the woman who hates cooking. To better understand their own perception of cooking, the sisters drew from their experiences as youths, recalling the people and places that were a great source of influence on them. This cookbook is an honest, yet funny approach to cooking in the real world where male-female roles continue to be defined, and women are expected to carry the lion's share of cooking responsibilities. But in reality so many don’t know the first thing about cooking, while the rest just plain hate it. Ilana and Sharon maintain a truthful dialogue throughout the book, commenting on each recipe with banter and a decisive analysis especially designed to highlight the pitfalls of cooking by Sharon or the ease in which Ilana credits her recipes. This book is more than just recipes, it’s about the attitude and mindset of two sisters who share a common background but a very different interpretation of food and cooking.