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25 delicious wok recipes: 25 delicious dishes for the wok (Volume 2)

Recipes: • Chicken with broccoli • Chicken breast with Lemon Curd • Chicken breast with orange • Cabbage from the wok • Cabbage with shrimps • Crabs in the wok • Seafood meal • Shells with black bean sauce • Orange with rice • Pak Choi with ginger and garlic • Paprika shrimps • Phat Thai • Rice from the wok • Rice with apple and bacon • Rice noodles with bean sprouts and shrimps • Beef neck steak with rice and vegetables • Sautéed mushrooms with tofu • Hot shrimps with chicken wort • Shrimps with cabbage and rice • Sirloin steak with rice • Pocket crab from the Wok • Thai shrimp • Thai shrimp curry • Tofu with orange • Tofu with rice