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101 Healthy Meals in 5 Minutes or Less: A Life Transformation For Super-Busy People Who Hate to Cook (Blast Through Barriers) (Volume 2)

Do you want to eat healthy, and feed your family healthy, but don't have time to cook? Are you overwhelmed with career, family and personal goals? Are you just starting out - in college or on your own for the first time - and wondering what to do in the kitchen? This book is your roadmap to healthy eating - quick and easy! In addition to super-quick, super-easy cooking instructions, you also get chapters of background, advice and inspiration. Focus on non-meat options and ways to make old favorites healthier. Straight talk about gluten, protein, avocados and why you just love the taste of meat, creamy gravy and parmesan cheese - and why Chinese restaurants hate to give up MSG. A section on taming brussels sprouts, kale and other bitter greens that eaters like to avoid. Understanding the foundational principles of clean eating allows you to ad-lib with aplomb AND great results! This book is part of the Blast Through Barriers series, a complete transformation program of body, mind and spirit. 101 Stress Busters shows you how to get your emotional needs met without food, and how to tame stress reactions that harm your health, through the right kind of targeted fun. 101 Healthy Meals gives you the roadmap to making your kitchen a temple to health and well-being. In five minutes of prep or less! Journey Out of SAD shows you how to end winter blues as well as mild to moderate year-round depression. Take Back Your Lost Heart gives you the tools for mental transformation Book includes free access to specific videos and online classes.