Cr Tri-Folding Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Removable Cover, Twin Size

Do you want to have a sound sleep anywhere Cr Tri Fold Mattress is one of your best choices! It is convenient. It can be used in your camper, your company and your home, etc. When you are on travel or some friends come to your home, do not need to worry that there's no extra bed any more.Softer and More Ventilate. Cellular memory foam and mesh cloth enhance the ventilative effect; 2.5 inches common foam and .5 inches memory foam will give you a soft touch, and you do not worry it is too soft, because memory foam can give some extra support so that it can even bear a weight of an adult man.Cr tri folding mattress is created for the balance between supple body support and rich softness and let you enjoy your sound sleep without clunky springs or bed frames to creak or poke.