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Here are my extremely lightweight and minimalistic decorations. Set of two balls and diamonds made in himmeli technique. Paper pipes are made of upcycled paper left from newspaper printing. Stripes of paper are twisted and glued, and it's really amazing how durable paper can be! 3mm diameter pipes (around 1/8") are cut to required dimensions and joined with monofilament line in himmeli technique. I pass each element with monofilament at least two times, which gives my goods extra durability. Not they will perfectly suit your minimalistic Christmas tree, but also could be a great pendant mobile decorations. Tubes can be painted in any available color and dimensions could be adjusted in a range from -½in to +1in. Further customization is available on request ✖✖✖ Dimensions: balls - dia 90 mm (~3 1/2in) diamonds - dia 95mm (~3 3/4 in) height 110mm (~4 1/2in) Material: paper tubes Technique: himmeli What comes in the box: 2 balls, 2 diamonds, 4 hangers with wooden beads Package: item is packed in a rigid carton box and filled with paper, styrene or airbag filler. Carton box is wrapped in plastic film