Couristan 2363/3070 Sicily Maglione Area Rug, 2' x 4', Naturale

Inspired by the excellence of creativity and craftsmanship of Italian fashion, the Sicily Collection by Couristan is a series of area rugs that are rich in texture and undeniable quality. Expertly hand-loomed in India of 80% wool and 20% polyester, Sicily has a soft nubby feel that gives it a supremely soft underfoot. This collection offers a series of understated multicolored blended colorations like grays, blues and rust that can be easily paired with your current home furnishings. The flat weave construction of Sicily lends it to be placed in high-traffic areas and it is extremely durable. Ideal for decorators seeking to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, Sicily can be rolled out in the most comfortable spots of your home, making your guest feel welcomed and at ease. Suitable for both formal and informal interiors, the soft, natural surface pile of Sicily is the perfect choice for those who enjoy a little bit of opulence and relaxation in their everyday life.