Corbell Silver

Round Gallery Tray, 12"

Tray-Round Gallery Tray S/P 12"W x 1.25"HCorbell Silver brings considerable experience and a practiced eye to choosing pieces for reproduction. Corbell Silver selects from its own collection of antique silver, through the courtesy of a museum, or on loan from a private collector. While our primary reference source is silver, several pieces in our line were inspired by classic or antique designs in other media.The skilled hands of a silversmith, complemented by the talent of a chaser, an engraver, a caster, to the final polishing - each contribute to our finished product. Original dies (some over 150 years old) or new tools are often used to duplicate parts for hand assembly. Craftsmen mainly in England lend their skills to produce pieces to our order. Several have been making exclusive items for us for over 55 years.We make different pieces in a variety of metals - Most of the reproductions are Copper or Nickel based and now Lead free Pewter.Gentle cleaning with a high quality polish and soft cloth will keep your silver gleaming and little care is required to retain its beauty.Quality, value and authenticity have and will be our goal and we feel we have succeeded with this unique collection. Mass-production influences so much of our daily life that it's a pleasure to create things made the old-fashioned way. Hope you agree!