Continental Sleep

Continental Sleep Victoria Full XL Mattress With 11" Euro Top Orthopedic Mattress- Cozy Teddy Bear Fabric

When you slip into bed, you should feel nothing but comfort, as if just by turning in for the night you're being pampered. That's the feeling that the Continental Sleep Victoria Mattress is designed to bring to you. This will help you enjoy a better night's sleep every night with its unique design. Firm and supportive yet still plush and cozy, the Continental Sleep Victoria Mattress brings you an unparalleled level of comfort in the bedroom. Its exquisite sleep experience is made possible by its unique design, which includes: - 396 Verticoil unit. Our innerspring system supports your weight evenly, eliminating those pressure points that lead you to toss and turn and wake up feeling stiff. - Foam encasement and edge supports. With the coils encased in foam, you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. Supports along the edges allow you to sit in bed to read or to dress without sinking. - Orthopedic design with 3-inch high density foam. Orthopedic targeted support ensures that your spine is cradled properly for less risk of back pain in the morning. - 3-inch Euro Top. The one-sided pillow top puts an extra layer of comfort between you and the springs but is still firm to give you the support you need. - Teddy Bear Cover. A plush cover adds warmth and puts a cozy finishing touch on the bed. Named after one of England's most well-known queens, the Continental Sleep Victoria Mattress Set is a true luxury bedding set. Treat yourself like royalty and order one today.