Park Throw CompanyC Color: Clover

An exciting array of colors and textures, the Company C Park Throw makes for a fantastic addition to any home decor theme. Its use of vibrant hues, coupled with sporadic variations in texture, lend it a vivacity that can liven up any room it is used in.With its unusual surface and uncommon selection of shades, the Park Throw is a statement from Company C that innovation and alternative design can still succeed in the open market. Fashioned out of acrylic, this is a product that requires some care in maintenance, but not nearly as much as was invested in its making. This throw is hand sewn, which makes the already stunning design work even more impressive. The fine subtleties that pepper the surface area of this fabric aren’t something any machine would have been able to achieve. The traditional styling that the aesthetics of this throw are derived from is another achievement that could not have been accomplished mechanically. CompanyC Color: Clover