Color Basket Studio

Hand Woven Basket in Royal Blue and Chartreuse (bright light green). Large Storage Basket. Hand Made Baskets in fun colors!

Hand Woven basket in Royal Blue and Chartreuse or Lime Green made of hand dyed splint reed. I hand dye the reed in a very intense dye bath that gives me beautiful colors. This basket measures about 12" square and is 9" high. The diameter of the round top opening is about 11". Royal Blue is the dominant color and Chartreuse is the accent color. The rim is double lashed. The basket is signed and dated. My baskets are very sturdy. Lots of my art fair customers return year after year to add to their collection. This size basket is great for storage. Use it in the kids room for books or toys or in the family room for magazines or craft projects. Looks great on top of a hutch or under the entry table. Use it in the mud room for mittens or roll some towels in the bath. Team colors for the sports fan! Mix and match them with other colored baskets for a great collection. Baskets make great gifts. Fill them with special items or leave them empty. Great for baby or shower gifts. Hope you enjoy them!