Cocoweb, Inc.

Tru-Slim LED Picture Light, Satin Nickel, 16"

Cocoweb's Tru-Slim series of picture lights were designed with the artist in mind: designed and engineered with precision, the Tru-Slim combines an elegant and stylish shade with Cocoweb's Picture-Perfect LED lighting technology. Art-Crafted DesignThis unique picture light is elegantly crafted and features a slim, sleek and versatile design. The diameter of the shade is less than 1" in diameter - the slimmest in the industry. The Tru-Slim's elegantly svelte shade is the perfect modern accent to your art gallery, making your paintings, photos, portraits, and landscapes truly come to life. Styled for all ArtAvailable in 12" 16" 21" 30" and 43" sizes, the Tru-Slim brings your art to life with its vibrant picture lighting. To best match art of any style, the Tru-Slim is available in 9 finishes: white, black, oil-rubbed bronze, mahogany bronze, antique brass, brushed gold, satin nickel, chrome, and a special brass-accented black. Picture-Perfect LEDsThe Tru-Slim is integrated with the latest lighting technology for a truly Picture-Perfect illumination. Cocoweb LEDs shine with a warm yellow color temperature of 2700 Kelvin to match natural sunlight. In fact, these LEDs have a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90+, meaning they bring out the most of your artwork's reds, yellows, and blues. Fully Adjustable and DimmableThe direction of the Tru-Slim's lighting can easily be adjusted by rotating the shade to more face the art, and included mounting brackets allow the light to be attached either to the back of the artwork or directly to the wall behind the art. The light is powered by a 10" AC adapter with an ultra-thin, easy-to-conceal cord. And for versatility of use, each Tru-Slim art light includes an in-line LED dimmer, allowing you to scale brightness from 0 to 100% and match the time of day.A Light for a LifetimeWhere traditional art lights run with high heat and emit harmful UV rays, Cocoweb LED art lights run cool so they won't crack or discolor your art! Best of all, Cocoweb LEDs last for over 50,000 hours and use 80% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Avoid costly replacement bulbs and high energy costs with Cocoweb's 20-year LEDs! read more