14" Picture Light , Classic Style in White, LED, Adjustable, Plug-in

This Classic Series LED picture light provides a perfect balance between science and art, with Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LED engineering. Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LED technology is designed specifically for lighting art. The LEDs produce a temperature of 3000K which provides a natural sunlight color that enhances the vibrancy in the artwork. Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LEDs do not produce any UV radiation; protecting any precious painting from fading and deterioration. LED lighting does not produce any heat when compared with traditional incandescent light bulbs. Low heat is essential for any artwork; a cooler environment can protect and preserve your piece of art. Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LEDs do not contain any mercury, proved to be more environmentally safe. Cocoweb Picture-Perfect LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional lighting methods, consuming 80 percent less energy than incandescent light bulbs. Cocoweb picture lights are pre-installed with a LED lighting array which are rated to last for more than 50,000 hours of operation. An electronic art dimmer is included, which allows for an added on/off control and more than 50 levels of brightness. This enhanced lighting feature allows for the best lighting conditions possible. Comes with an 18-foot black power cord.