Sequin Tree Skirt Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt Red Christmas Tree Decor 30 inches Red Tree Skirt

Red Sequin Christmas Tree Skirt Ready To Shipping Express Shipping Via Ups Express Saver Usa/Canada/ Europe in 2-4 Days &&&*This Christmas Tree skirt is a perfect decor 100% Handcrafted by me * It is reversible made from natural burlap and gold quilted fabric *Have sequin borders on both sides *You can use 1 tree skirt both burlap and gold color. *DIAMETER: Burlap& White Quilted Fabric and GOLD Sequin Borders 32INCHES Burlap& White Quilted Fabric and RED Sequin Borders: 31 INCHES Burlap& White Quilted Fabric and GREEN Sequin Borders: 31 INCHES Gold QuiltedFabric and RED GREEN SequinBorders: 31 INCHES