Clinique All-in-One Cleansing Micellar Milk + Makeup Remover 2+4

Clinique All-In-One Cleansing Micellar Milk + Makeup Remover 2+4. Who It’s For: Skin Types: III – Combination Oily, IV - Oily What It Is: Dual-usage micellar milk cleanses and removes makeup in one easy step. For oilier skin types. What It Does: Lightweight milky-liquid formula cleanses skin of pollution and impurities and removes face, lip and eye makeup in one comforting yet refreshing step. Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. Appropriate for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Non-acnegenic. Drier skin? Try our All-in-One Cleansing Micellar Milk + Makeup Remover Skin Types 1 & 2. Key Ingredients: Formulated with glycerine, vitamin E, and algae extract for a softer, more conditioning cleanse. How To Use: • Gently massage over dry face, lips and eyes. • Tissue or rinse off. Our Clinique Clean Philosophy: Our formulas: No parabens. No phthalates. No fragrance. Just happy skin. Our packaging: Bottle is 96% plant-derived plastic. Cap is 25% post-consumer recycled material. • What does plant-derived plastic mean? It's made from an agricultural byproduct of processing sugarcane that would otherwise be discarded. • What does post-consumer recycled (PCR) material mean? It’s a material (such as a plastic water bottle) that's already been used and would otherwise have been thrown away. This reduces the creation of new plastic waste.​ • How to recycle: This bottle is widely recyclable. Rinse the bottle, reattach the cap, then place in a recycling bin.​ What else is this product free of? SLS, synthetic colors.