Classic Cuisine

6-Piece Cold Serving-Ware Bowl, Clear

The 6-Piece Cold Serving-ware Bowl by Classic Cuisine is a convenient and easy way to serve chilled foods at your next party. With a cooling compartment for ice, as well as an ice grid to keep the food cold, fresh, and safe, you can easily keep punches, salads, fruits, veggies, shrimp cocktail, or any other chilled hors doeuvres at the perfect temperature during your event. The shatter-proof and BPA free dish also comes with 2 serving utensils, a built-in smaller dish for dips or dressings, a domed lid to keep the chill in and flies out, and removable dividers to keep foods separate in the bowl if you wish. Great for both indoors or outdoors, this stylish and practical 6-piece serving-ware bowl is a must have for your next barbecue, baby shower, or birthday party. Color: Clear.