Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon - Cire Scented Candle - 270g

Cire Trudon have partnered with the Orne Black Bee Conservancy to launch this special edition candle. Beeswax, a precious raw material, is at the heart of this project as the brand begins their journey to find an alternative material for use in luxury candles. Blending bergamot, sweet honey, warming cinnamon and sandalwood with vanilla, tonka bean and beeswax absolute, this is a beautifully rich fragrance to fill your home with, and a percentage of all sales will be used to provide new hives for the conservancy. Key features: * Room spray * Fragrance: bergamot, honey, cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, beeswax absolute * Dimensions: H10.5xØ9cm * Weight: 270g * Burn time: 60 hours * Made from beeswax, a precious raw material * Made in partnership with the Orne Black Bee conservancy * Unique vessel handcrafted in Tuscany * Pure cotton wick