ChicWick Candles

ChicWick Candles 2Pack Cinnamon Fiery Soy Blend Wax Melts 6oz 12 Wax Cubes Wax Tarts Wax Chunks, 50 Plus Hours of Quality Fragrance

The name says it all- Red Hot Cinnamon candy! Rave over that sweet spicy cinnamon that you crave! It will give you that slight burn in your nose, just like the candy gives a little burn. The scent is sharp, sweet and with a slight lick of a flame. Cinnamon Fiery would be a great addition to your home! Welcome to the fragrance of ChicWick! Our soy blend wax is hand spun at our factory in Yukon Oklahoma. Each melt contains the highest amount of fragrance that will adhere to our very own soy blend. Our soy blend is a slow burning clean burning wax. We pride ourselves on our fragrance. "Our Candles Simply Smell Better" Color varies by fragrance. Experience the fragrance of ChicWick Candles and add that long lasting aroma to any room. We also pride ourselves on customer service. ChicWick is looking for candle customers and believe in quality at a fair price. Thank you for your interest in our quality products. Item ships out next day in most cases. Free Shipping! Get your Chicwick on!