Chicago Metallic

18" Float Rack Roaster Chicago Metallic

This Chicago Metallic professional 18" Float Rack Roaster is an essential piece of cookware for family dinners, parties, and holiday celebrations. Designed to hold turkeys, chickens, and large roasts, this roasting pan is crafted from carbon steel, for durability, strength and superior heat conduction. The roast pan and floating rack feature a food-safe non-stick surface, ensuring food does not stick while cooking. The coating is safe for use with all types of kitchen tool including metal, wood, nylon, and silicone. Included with this roasting pan is a patented floating rack that keeps meats above the drippings, allowing air to circulate and help ensure even cooking and browning. Oversized cast handles make placing the roasters into the oven and lifting them out, safe and hassle-free. This roaster can also go from oven to stove - no need to dirty another pan to make the perfect gravy from the drippings. Perfectly sized, you'll never have to compromise or worry about a pan that is too big for your oven or storage. Chicago Metallic