Charlton Home

Ogawa Chaise Lounge Charlton Home Upholstery Color: Bing Barley

This begins with milling and drying hardwood at the lumberyard facility to ensure that the frame is built to last without warping, twisting, or cracking. From there, the lumber travels to one of the frame shops where the wood is cut, shaped, and assembled into the highest quality frame. The foam and fiber parts, built with eco-friendly practices and recycled materials are cut to size at one of two nearby foam processing plants. This component is then joined in one manufacturing center where they are assembled into your piece of furniture. Fabric, sourced from around the world, selected for its quality, style, and value and stored in climate-controlled fabric warehouse, is then cut, sewn and applied to create your finished piece of upholstered furniture. Charlton Home Upholstery Color: Bing Barley