Six Easy Ways to Organize Your Gift Wrapping Supplies

Spending the extra time to beautifully wrap a gift makes the present even more special. But being prepared to wrap gifts at a moment's notice can be challenging without the proper organization. You'll need ribbons, paper, gift bags, tape, bows, scissors, and more—which can all quickly become a storage nightmare. But with these six handy organizers, your gift wrapping supplies will stay neat, protected, and easy to access at all times.

White mesh gift wrap cart with various drawers and holders for accessories photo

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An All-in-One Accessory Cart

Keep all your accessories in one place for easy and quick wrapping with this gift wrapping cart. The sleek, white cart has four wheels for convenient mobility and features drawers of various sizes to hold everything from bows to scissors to tape. Additional features like a wire wrapping paper holder, a ribbon dispenser, and a top that doubles as a work station make this a cart that offers it all. ($200;

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Hanging gift bag organizer with clear pockets for easy viewing photo

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A Hanging Organizer for Gift Bags

For odd-shaped gifts or days when you don't have time to wrap a present in paper, a gift bag is the perfect solution. Storing extra gift bags in totes or baskets can make it hard to see all of your options, however. Skip the hassle of rifling through stacks of bags with this hanging gift bag organizer. With clear pockets for easy viewing and a slim design that tucks behind doors, this hanger will keep your bags in pristine condition and ready for gifting. ($22, usually $40;

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White stackable tape dispenser holding various rolls of washi tape photo

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A Stackable Dispenser for Washi Tape

Keep your washi tape assortment safe and organized with this stackable washi tape displayer. Reach for the dispenser when you're ready to decorate your wrapped present with colorful washi tape or when tackling other crafting projects. The stackable design will ensure all your washi tape rolls are always available to you. (from $25;

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12-piece paper edger scissor kit with metal display stand photo

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A Paper Edger Scissor Kit with Metal Organizer

The smallest details can make the greatest impact when it comes to wrapping gifts. Instead of using a straight-edge scissor to cut your wrapping paper, try using one of these fun edging scissors instead. You could also use one to craft your own handmade gift tag. Complete with 12 decorative-edged scissors and a sleek metal display stand, this kit will elevate your wrapping game. ($20, usually $25;

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Clear bow box with red handle photo

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A Sturdy Bow Box with Carrying Handle

Bows are the finishing touch on many wrapped presents, but they are delicate and can be tricky to store. Instead of making special trips to buy one each time you wrap, stock up without worry with this sturdy bow storage box. The lid is secured with side snaps so your bows won't fall out, and the box is complete with a handle on top so you can easily tote it from storage to your gift wrapping station. ($21;

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Steel paper cutter with dowel photo

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A Steel Paper Cutter and Holder

There's nothing more frustrating when wrapping a gift than wrestling with a roll of paper you're trying to cut the correct size. This steel paper cutter holds, displays, and cuts paper and has rubber feet so it stays in place throughout the entire process. Pair it with a roll of versatile recycled brown paper for an eco-friendly wrapping station. ($45;

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