Reusable Birthday Party Decorations You'll Reach for Again and Again

These versatile, timeless party decorations are perfect for any birthday celebration. Having a few classic decorations on hand makes planning easier, saves money, and reduces waste. Start with these staples and add unique touches to each party based on your theme.

Glass cake stands in various sizes and pastel colors photo

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An Adorable Glass Cake Stand

Whether you're throwing a party to celebrate your little one or hosting a sophisticated birthday gathering for a friend, these versatile glass cake stands will rise to the occasion. Elegant yet fun, these handcrafted beauties are ideal for displaying cakes or other sweets and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Hand-wash this mossier glass stand to ensure the statement piece stays in great shape for future parties. (from $34;

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A set of six gold mini cocktail forks photo

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A Set of Gold Appetizer Forks

Add some shine to your appetizer tray with these beautiful mini gold cocktail forks. Made of stainless steel with both brushed and polished finishes, these elegant forks will elevate any table spread. Use them to serve a stunning cheese board or set them next to bowls of olives, candies, and other goodies. ($15;

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Linen tablecloth with mint and white stripes photo

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An All-Season Tablecloth

A simple yet elegant table linen is the base for any party's décor. This striped Lithuanian linen beauty can be accessorized with fun decorations for a child's birthday or paired with flowers, gold serveware, and fun antique pieces for a more elegant affair. Machine wash in cold water when the party is done for easy cleanup. This table linen can also be used for summer picnics or even to add a pop of color to weeknight dinners. (from $138;

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A stick of white soapstone chalk sitting on a cheeseboard next to a labeled cheese variety photo

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Soapstone Chalk for Labeling

Use this soapstone chalk for all your party labeling needs. Whether you're using a chalkboard cheese board to display party treats, chalkboard placemats for doodling, or chalkboard place settings to differentiate drink types and snacks, soapstone will get the job done in a way that's long-lasting qualities without creating too much dust. Perfect for birthday parties or other gatherings, this little accessory adds a decorative and functional touch. ($1.50;

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Colorful hanging garland with felt poms photo

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A Fun Felt Garland

Add some color to your party with this festive color-blocked felt garland. Unlike tissue paper garlands that are fragile and often designed for a single use, this garland can be used again and again in a variety of settings. Use it as a decorative backdrop, drape it behind your serving table, or hang it above the entrance to the party to let guests know they have arrived. ($29;

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Stainless steel angled beverage tub photo

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A Sleek Beverage Tub

Add ice to this stainless steel beverage tub and load it with juice boxes, glass carafes, or even wine bottles for guests to enjoy. The simple design fits in with any party's décor, and the angled edge allows for easy access to drinks. Leakproof and easy to clean, this tub is an ideal choice for serving cold drinks and adding a modern touch to the party's aesthetic. ($21;

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