CaterEco Bagasse 6" & 9" Plate Set (100 Pack Ecofriendly Disposable Dinnerware)

CaterEco Bagasse 6" & 9" Plate Set (100 Pack Ecofriendly Disposable Dinnerware). CaterEco Bagasse Collection is range of and compostable plates. All plates and bowls are made from 100 percent tree free, chlorine free, Pesticide free, dye free, natural discarded Wheat stalk and Bagasse (sugarcane fiber). CaterEco Bagasse disposable dinnerware contains no and is fully compostable. Plates and bowls have no or wax. All Bagasse dinnerware are microwave safe. The Bagasse material is 100 percent tree free and has sturdy construction that is even liquid resistant. Product Features- 100% CHEMICAL FREE MADE WITH NATURE'S BY-PRODUCT: Our disposable plates completely steer away from chemicals that leech into food or binders that compromise biodegradability. It is chlorine free, pesticide free, dye free and made from natural discarded wheat stalk and bagasse (sugarcane fiber). It is made from sugarcane waste which would have otherwise gone waste. MICROWAVE SAFE AND LIQUID RESISTANT: All our bagasse plates can be used for heating food in microwaves. The plates are also Oven proof up to 220 degrees Celsius. You can also keep our plates in freezers. These are liquid resistant plates which can be used for both cold and hot food. , COMPOSTABLE AND SUSTAINABLE; Make a statement with your party guests on your environmental consciousness, this bagasse product can be decomposed within a matter of months in a certified facility, leaving no footprints behind ECONOMICAL VALUE PACK: Get the best bang for your buck with our 100-piece palm leaf disposable plates set. It includes (50) 6 disposable plates and (50) 9 disposable plates. Whether you are looking for plates to serve your guests at a wedding, porch party, luau, barbecue, or take with you on that camping trip, these palm leaf party plates blend convenience and value. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We are happy when You are happy. That's why We have backed these palm tree leaf plates with our total satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions or issues with your biodegradable disposable plates simply reach out to us and We will do all we can to make it right. Click Add to Cart now and start dining in style! read more