Cat Craft

18" Sea Grass Scratching Post (Grey Fur 12x16 Base)

18" Seagrass Scratching Post with Base in fashion colors Durable construction Base provides added stability Provides your pet a more satisfying surface to scratch and claw to help keep your cat from scratching carpets or furniture Features a spring-loaded interactive pom-pom cat toy Seagrass, Particle Board and Fabric Construction Overall Dimensions: 12"L x 16"W x 19.25"H Base Dimensions: 12â x16â Available Colors: Dark Chocolate Fur, Grey Fur, Charcoal Fleece, Grey Fleece & Beige Fleece This fun cat scratching post is also equipped with an Easy Kitty Building System replaceable dangling pom-pom toy and a replaceable spring toy to keep your cat engaged while making it easy to add, extend or replace toys at your convenience. Detachable spring and dangle toys. Hassel free replacement parts. For more information please go to our website www.