Caspari Jute Paper Linen Luncheon Napkins in Charcoal, 15 Per Package

The Entertaining with Caspari 9762LG Jute Charcoal-Paper Linen Napkin Luncheon-Pack Of 15. The look of linen, the feel of cloth and the convenience of paper. Dress up your table everyday by adding a touch of elegance. Our beautifully designed Luncheon Napkins make any setting a place where your guests will want to linger.  Our Paper Linen Luncheon Napkins are printed in Germany using non-toxic, water-soluble dyes, making them biodegradable and compostable. Disposability makes clean-up a snap so you have more time to enjoy the party. These soft, yet incredibly strong Paper Linen Luncheon Napkins are made of a textile-like material categorized as a nonwoven fabric made from fluff pulp. Compared to regular wet-laid paper and tissue, this technology creates a paper product that is very bulky, porous and soft which inherently possesses excellent water absorption properties and is much stronger when compared to regular tissue. Sold in a pack of 15, each individually folded napkin measures 6 1/2 Inch square and opens to 13-inch square. Finish the look with other items from our coordinating high-end paper table top collection. Includes paper plates, additional napkins, guest towels and cups - finally, add our acrylic stemware and top quality pillar and taper candles. Caspari - bringing beauty, style and convenience into your home every day.