Capabunga CapaBubbles Sparkling Wine Bottle Stopper, Bubbles, Reusable Bottle Cap Good day

CapaBunga CapaBubbles Bottle Stoppers seal open bottles to preserve sparkling wine, beer or other carbonated beverages; keeping them fresh and delicious for days Air-tight seal and easy to use - no more wasted sparkling wine or flat beer, carbonation stays fresh for up to a week Easy to use, simply clip the base around the bottle neck, then screw on the cap for an air-tight seal, instructions included; hand washing is recommended Makes a great hostess gift or stocking stuffer; look for other innovative ideas from CapaBunga for your kitchen Innovative design allows this reusable screw-on bottle cap to effectively seal champagne, beer and other glass bottles so your drink stays bubbly, Weight: 0.06 Pounds, Manufacturer: Capabunga