Candle Creek Cottage Farmhouse & Prim Home Decor

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A Candle Creek Cottage favorite and sure to be yours too! Hot Fudge Brownie scented wax tart, looks and smells so good. This Brownie is 3x4x2 high and looks like a real Brownie ! Slice into desired piece and add to your wax warmer for amazing long lasting fragrance. Or display and admire on your favorite dish for a while, until ready to melt.This is a generous 7+ ounces, 3 inches by 4 inches and 2 1/2 or better high. Brownie cake done in hot fudge brownie fragrance, walnuts done in walnut fragrance, frosting in vanilla and cherry in cherry. Another fabulous find from Candle Creek Cottage Collection! Only premium quality wax and fragrance used in Candle Creek Cottage products.