Campania International

Triad Outdoor Garden Fountains

Triad Fountain:Fiber reinforced cast stone concrete constructionProudly made in the United States Water recirculates within the fountainPlugs into any standard 110 V electrical outletShown in Greystone (GS)Many different choice of color optionsThis Fountain Includes:Recirculating electric pump Specifications:Dimensions:36" L x 20.25" W x 35.5" HWeight: 420 lbs lbs.We suggest that birdbath/fountain tops not be left outside in the winter. Once the top fills with water/snow and freezes, the top may crack. All birdbath/fountain bases, bench legs and statuary should be raised up off the ground in winter so they will not freeze to the ground surface. Ideally, a fountain should be stored indoors in the winter away from the elements. However, if a fountain bowl must be left outside, remove all pumps, rubber stoppers, drain pipes, finials and small components, and cover the top with burlap or any absorbent material (old blanket/towel) and then wrapped with dark plastic, making sure that water does not accumulate in the basin and freeze. Fountain pumps, finials, and other small components should be stored indoors. Check the fountain periodically to insure that the cover is secure and water is not accumulating in any fountain component.