Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein CK500 Moritz Matterhorn MOR01 Smoke Area Rug 4'x6'

The Calvin Klein CK500 Moritz Matterhorn MOR01 Smoke Area Rug is offered by Incredible Rugs and Decor with a 30-day return policy and Free Shipping to customers residing within the Continental U.S. Made of F: 100% Wool, B: 100% Polyester, we are confident that you will find these Shag Weave Rugs to be an incredible addition to your home or office. A sophisticated take on the shag style, these rugs are densely designed from Tibetan lamb with an extra plush 5-inch pile for a luxurious texture. Moritz comes in a range of richly saturated smoky neutral shades to accentuate any room. With exceptionally dense layering of lush textures and a dramatic smoke monochromatic color palette, this shag area rug is simple, stylish and pure Calvin Klein home.Please note: the colors shown in the product photograph may vary slightly from actual product. If color matching is critical, we suggest ordering a small rug size to sample in your home. Return shipping of a 2' X 3' rug is typically less than $20 through the US Post Office. Rug measurements are approximate and can vary by up to 4 inches. Most rug images shown are 5x8 in size. Patterns may vary by size and designs are usually more elaborate in larger sizes.Approximate Thickness: 2 or more inch.