Deluxe Greenhouse Kit

Our new polycarbonate greenhouses provide great protection from the frost and inclement weather, enabling the gardener to start seeds early and get a jump on spring and extend the growing season well into fall and winter, assuring a more bountiful crop. The highly functional Deluxe Greenhouses are constructed with a strong aluminum frame and twin-wall, UV protected polycarbonate panels for great heat retention. The corner stakes slot into the four corners of the top level of a 4' wide raised garden bed for great stability. Both side windows lift up for total access and have stays to hold them open at your desired height level for free air flow. Erect at the first hint of spring to seed early and provide protection from adverse weather to your young plants. The window panels can be easily slid out and stored in the hot summer months, then replaced in fall extending the season into the winter. It is as attractive as it is functional!